I have an odd shaped window – what type of blind can I buy to fit that?

It’s a common problem, but the answer is to use Pleated blinds. The great thing about these is that they can be made to fit almost any shape. So they are ideal for glass extensions, conservatories and roof windows.

I fancy Venetian blinds for my kitchen, but will the condensation/dampness damage them?

Many people worry about this problem and it’s not just the kitchen that suffers in this way; think about the bathroom which could have steam problems. We believe we have the answer with our Aluwood range. This revolutionary materials looks like wood, but it actuality aluminium, so are practical and easy to maintain. They are available in eight colours.

The wooden Venetian blinds. What wood is used?

Basswood. It’s of a high quality, strong and flexible. In other words, it is perfect for wood Venetian blinds.

Hillarys Roman Blinds – are they lined?

Hillarys Roman blinds are fully-lined and this creates a superb elegant feel which works wonderful across all uses. This is available across the entire fabric range and there are many other options as well.

If my blind becomes faulty, what should I do?

Hillarys believe that all of their customers will be completely satisfied with their blinds, but if there is ever a problem with them, there is a free phone number and email address for you to contact Hillarys on.

Will it take long to fit my blinds?

Not long at all. Once you have ordered your blinds, the process will start and you will be informed of each part of the process.

Can I Buy Blackout Blinds from Hillarys?

Yes. Hillarys are specialist providers of blackout blinds and have a wide range from which you can choose. They are within the Roller range and our customers find them perfect for cutting out the light coming into a room. But for those of you who don’t want the light cut off completely, then there is always our fully lined Roman blinds which can be chosen in a dark colour.

What should I use in the bathroom?

The bathroom is similar to the kitchen. There’s a lot of heat, steam and condensation which can cause a nightmare for certain types of blinds. So consider Aluwood range. It looks like wood, but its actually aluminium, and they are practical and easy to maintain. They come in eight colours.

When will the Hillarys Advisor turn up?

Hillarys aim to get an Advisor to your door within five days from when you book an appointment. The appointment is made with your convenience in mind. Also, the time period can vary, depending on your location and Advisor availability.

How do I arrange a home visit/appointment?

Simple. Please fill out the details on the appointment form and we will do the rest. First job is to arrange a convenient time.

How about my conservatory. What type of blinds will work in there?

Ideally, you need blinds with sun reflective backings. These have two jobs; help keep the temperature down in the summer months and keep the heat in during the winter. Hillarys Pleated blinds are ideal for this.

I have a cold conservatory during the winter. Can blinds help?

Yes they can. Any blind will help provide a cosy look and the Hillarys range of Pleated blinds actually feature specialist fabrics which keep the heat in during those colder months.

My bay window is a tricky size. What type of blind would you recommend?

The possible solution is to choose a Vertical blind which can accommodate a head rail which is curved and perfectly fitted. This allows the blind to be opened and closed in one simple movement.

My living room is so sunny at certain parts of the day it can be impossible to see. Would a blind help?

Try the Hillarys range of wooden Venetian blinds. They actually soften the light in a room. They filter the light, providing a balance between shade and light, and providing relief from the sun.

Are your blinds made in the UK?

Yes, all Hillarys blinds are made in Nottingham, or Washington, and are manufactured within a rigorous Quality Management System. This conforms to BS EN ISO 9001 2000 which guarantees the highest quality.

Can you supply blinds for Velux windows?

Hillarys have a wide range of blinds that are suitable for a Velux window. And it’s a simple procedure. Your Advisor checks out a number on the metal plate of the Velux window and we do the rest. The range of Roller, or Venetian blinds are suitable for a Velux window. And if you choose a blackout fabric don’t forget, you can keep your attic very dark indeed.

The idea of a blind appeals to me, but I don’t want to lose the benefits of a curtain, in terms of texture and colours.

Hillarys understands that and has worked hard to create blinds which have all the benefits of curtains, plus all the advantages of blinds. A Roman blind has the feel and look of a curtain for example. You can opt for the sleeker look, or a luxurious cascade, or choose from anyone of a vast range of textures, tones and colours.

My ground floor flat needs some privacy, but I also want natural light from my large window. How do manage that without using net curtains?

Think about Venetian blinds which allow you to control both the light and the amount of privacy your require. Also, consider half blinds, either those which are Pleated, or Roller. They can be used to cover the lower half of the room for privacy, but keep the top clear for plenty of natural light.

My utility room has a window, but I need to keep people from seeing in, even though I need the natural light.

The best solution is to choose from the Hillarys range of Venetian blinds. You can keep out prying eyes, but still keep the light flooding in. And even better, they just need a quick dust to ensure that they are clean. What’s more, choose vibrant colours to keep it cheerful.

My house has original sash windows and I would like to consider blinds instead of curtains, to get that contemporary feel. But I don’t want to lose the traditional feel of the windows.

Keeping the look and style of a sash window is very important, especially in older properties. So, we would advise using a perfect made to measure solution, using translucent Roller blinds, or a fitted Pleated blind. Or, cover the bottom half of the window for privacy with a Roller, or Pleated Blind, and keep the top half free for maximum natural light.

I have a sitting room which is below street level and overlooks a passageway with stored bins. Can you offer advice of how blinds would help?

Go for a well-fitted blind. You should choose one which can be pulled right down, such as a Roman, or Roller blind. The latter can be further accessorized with pulls, poles, eyelets, braid and bottom shapes. And don’t forget that a Roman blind with delicate folds actually softens a window, making it more luxurious.